Das Young Lions Briefing des World Food Programme

Cannes Lions Festival

Schon seit längerem stehen die Young Lions (YL) 2020 fest. Diese Woche hätten sie die Möglichkeit bekommen mit uns nach Cannes zu fliegen, um dort Kreative aus der ganzen Welt zu treffen. Damit dies für dieses Jahr nicht komplett ausfällt, möchten wir den Gewinnern trotzdem die nötige und verdiente Aufmerksamkeit geben. Spannende und lustige Fakts in Form von Steckbriefen der Young Lions findet ihr hier.

Sie haben sich gegen 100 Teilnehmer aus den Kategorien Digital, Design, Media, Print, PR und Film durchgesetzt und mit ihren Arbeiten die Jury von ihrer Kreativität und Konzeptstärken überzeugt.

Briefing des World Food Programme

Briefinggeber des diesjährigen, digitalen Young Lions Award ist das Wold Food Programme. Als Repräsentant haben wir das Briefing vorab exklusiv erhalten und möchten dieses nutzen, um euch einen Einblick in die Aufgaben der YL zu geben und als Denkanstoß, um selber Lösungen für diese Aufgabenstellung zu entwickeln. Der Ausschnitt des Briefings:


We waste around a 1/3 of all food made for human consumption, that’s 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year globally, yet in 2019 over 135 million people lived in severe hunger. This feels as wrong to us as it probably does to you. The UNWFP is the largest humanitarian organisation in the world, we feed over 100 million people a year in normal times (COVID has made the numbers higher and our job harder). Despite our vast size and impact, we are relatively unknown, most of our funding comes from the kindness of governments, we haven’t had to be famous.

There are lots of reasons that the developed world wastes food (and it is mainly in the developing world, the ‘Global North’), throughout the whole supply chain from the harvest, to processing and distribution, all the way to our kitchens. All of these areas of waste are important, but the scope of this brief is around helping people to waste less food in their day to day lives – and this is a significant amount of food, it’s estimated in North America alone that 61% of all food wasted is by consumers.

We’ll judge success on two counts: People wasting less because of how we help them & people becoming interested enough in our work to find out more, encourage others to find out more, and ultimately give some money to helping us fund our work (s igning up, sharing, encouraging others and donating).


A long-term, ownable engagement platform for UNWFP:

  1. An online mechanic that actively helps people waste less in an easy, habit-changing way (encourage consistent behaviour change through-out year).
  2. That tangibly links wasting less to UNWFP and its work.
  3. An idea that holds it together (we aren’t wedded to Stop The Waste if you can find something better).
  4. A campaign for that platform that we can build to and from now on (we don’t want to just have a Food Waste awareness building campaign as in previous years).


You need to submit the following:

  1. 90 second film (please note your film can be shorter if required)
  2. A 500 word max description of your idea which includes: Creative idea/insight, description of the strategy, target audience, planning and approach and explanation of implementation, integration, timeline and scale


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