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Cinzia Di Blasi

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Question - Answer

Tell us something about yourself, Cinzia!

1. Who are you and what do you do at Weischer.Cinema?

My name is Cinzia Di Blasi and I work as a sales representative - Local Sales Manager. My job is to connect B2B with heart and soul. The media world is my home and cinema is my passion.

2. What challenges do you face in your daily business?

The challenge is to interact and advise as well as customer acquisition and retention. I love to be able to propose an offer that is just right to both my clients and the supervising agencies. The reward for this is gaining the customer’s trust at the end of the day.

3. What makes the Swiss market so exciting for you?

The constant innovation and progressiveness. We are small but nice and always open to new things. „Bünzli“ (to be square) was yesterday.

4. What makes cinema special for you?

It's a magical place for me, where fictional as well as biographical stories can be capured. The result is sharing emotions with people you like.

5. List 5 words that come straight to mind when you hear cinema advertising.

  • Weischer.Cinema- transparency
  • Authentic
  • Community experience
  • Quality effect
  • Attention!

6. Which cinema advertisement is the best of all time for you?

Answering this question is risky because I’d take sides and might offend my clients in so doing. All right, I'll say it anyway :-). It would be the Heineken advertisement “shoe cabinet vs. beer-fridge”. A cliché that could make you laugh yourself to death.

7. All-time favourite movie?

“The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola. Legendary cast!

8. Your favourite actor?

Meryl Streep! Back then as well as today. To me, she’s a living legend!

9. Which snackis your must-have during a good movie at the cinema?

Popcorn or Haribo, depending on the desire for sweets or sour. But they’re even better when you can’t hear people nibbling away!

10. The cinema is a place

... where I can linger in an oasis, to sometimes beautify the everyday life or to let it fade away.

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