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Eveline Kneubühl

Director of Operations

+41 44 577 30 20

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Question - Answer

Tell us something about yourself, Eveline!

1. Who are you and what do you do at Weischer.Cinema?

Eveline Kneubühl, Director of Operations / Member of the Executive Board. The Sales Operations team plans the campaigns, supports the sales managers, creates sales documents, plans marketing activities/events and basically ensures that everything is running in the background. ;)

2. What challenges do you face in your daily business?

To tailor the optimal offer for the different demands of our customers.

3. What makes the Swiss market so exciting for you?

Diversity, variety of languages, high quality standards.

4. What makes cinema special for you?

Nowhere else does advertising seem so powerful and emotional.

5. List 5 words that come straight to mind when you hear cinema advertising.

  • Emotional
  • Expressive
  • Strong tone
  • Best effect
  • Highest attention

6. Which cinema advertisement is the best of all time for you?

Swiss with the spot "Swiss Made Campari Soda" from 2006.

7. All-time favourite movie?

Dirty Dancing

8. Your favourite actor?

Tom Hanks for the ears, Ryan Gosling for the eyes.

9. Which snack is your must-have during a good movie at the cinema?


10. The cinema is a place

...where I am at least three times a month.

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