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Juliane Merz

Director National Sales

+41 44 577 30 33

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Question - Answer

Tell us something about yourself, Juliane!

1. Who are you and what do you do at Weischer.Cinema?

Juliane Merz, 44 years old, Director National Sales, Member of the Executive Committee.

2. What challenges do you face in your daily business?

The biggest challenge is to provide "BIG CINEMA" to all my customer, colleagues and bosses on a daily basis.

3. What makes the Swiss market so exciting for you?

The courage to move forward in new directions; the challenge of multilingualism and general versatility; the ‘shortcuts’; the supplementary D-A-CH compounds.

4. What makes cinema special for you?

The versatility that cinemas offer: diversity of films, worlds of experience, technical innovations and the “oldest social medium”! And not only that: Cinema is not a medium to just pass the time.

5. List 5 words that come straight to mind when you hear cinema advertising.

  • Emotionality
  • Contact warranty
  • Screen size
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Advertising perception

6. Which cinema advertisement is the best of all time for you?

The Marlboro Man

7. All-time favourite movie?

Dirty Dancing

8. Your favourite actor?

Sandra Bullock

9. Which snack is your must-have during a good movie at the cinema?

Salty popcorn and, during the break, ice cream

10. The cinema is a place

... where I feel good and where I am always looking forward to different encounters/perceptions and content.

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