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Mike Baur

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Mike Baur

Deputy Sales Director, german-speaking Switzerland

+41 44 577 30 32

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Question - Answer

Tell us, Mike!

  1. Who are you and what do you do at Weischer.Cinema?

Mike Baur, 30 years old, Deputy Sales Director German-speaking Switzerland

2. What challenges do you face in your day-to-day work?

To always offer all customers an outstanding quality of service.

3. What makes the Swiss market so exciting for you?

The diversity of clients, the multilingualism and the constant development of the advertising market.

4. what makes cinema so special for you?

Cinema is a place where you share the same feelings with strangers, laughing, crying and cheering together. For advertisers, cinema is a place where they can show their advertisements more vividly than in any other moving image medium. The room is darkened, the sound is perfectly tuned and everyone's eyes are glued to a big screen.

5. 5 words that immediately come to mind when you hear cinema advertising

Advertising impact

Contact guarantee

Advertising acceptance

Advertising quality


6. Which cinema commercial do you think is the best of all time?

There are many... The Starwars VW spot is certainly right up there 😉

7. all-time favourite movie?

Lord of the Rings

8. your favourite actor?

Morgan Freeman

9. what snack do you think is part of a good movie?

Sure - popcorn

10. the cinema is a place....

I don't know anyone who has never been to the cinema... That says it all, doesn't it?!

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