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Denise Rosenberger

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Denise Rosenberger

Senior Sales Operations Specialist

+41 44 577 30 21

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Question - Answer

Tell us something about yourself, Denise!

1. Who are you and what do you do at Weischer.Cinema?

Denise Rosenberger, Senior Sales Operations Specialist.

2. What challenges do you face in your daily business?

What makes you think I’d reveal any secrets here ;)

3. What makes the Swiss market so exciting for you?

Us Swiss people still rely on quality over quantity. I appreciate that very much and see it as a consistent recipe for success in the future on the Swiss market. That‘s also what keeps the market so exciting, because what does “quality” even mean in the current digital age? ;)

4. What makes cinema special for you?

It is a relaxing leisure experience with exciting, emotional film material to top it off.

5. List 5 words that come straight to mind when you hear cinema advertising.

  • Emotional
  • High-quality
  • Food for conversations
  • Story
  • Tolerance

6. Which cinema advertisement is the best of all time for you?

The Migros Christmas Spot with the little imp called Finn.

7. All-time favourite movie?

The Cottage

8. Your favourite actor?

Blake Lively

9. Which snack is your must-have during a good movie at the cinema?

I don’t snack in the cinema, because the snacks are too unhealthy for me. However, I wish that healthier snacks will be offered in cinemas sometime soon. My favourites would be “Nosh Balls” or “Energy Balls” by Deliciously Ella.

10. The cinema is a place

...where I can spend a cosy evening with my loved ones.

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