Weischer.Cinema is an owner-managed company with over 60 years of experience in effective cinema commercials. Complete Swiss cinema competence has been at eye level since 2013: all of the leading cinema operators in Switzerland are our cooperation partners.

Weischer.Cinema Switzerland GmbH – with its headquarters in the heart of Zurich, other offices in French-speaking Switzerland and relations throughout the country – is a company of the Hamburg-based Weischer.Media Group, which employs around 400 members of staff and operates in the cinema, out-of-home and online media disciplines. All Weischer companies share a common goal: to connect communication channels in a targeted way, to sustainably involve target groups and to provide a lively stage for advertising customers’ campaigns.

We are hugely passionate about your success: our heart beats for the world of cinematography and all those involved in this fascinating environment. With “Cinema.Reloaded®”, the innovative planning and booking tool we developed ourselves, the visitor target groups in the cinema are addressed without any scattering losses – the advertising customers only pay for the contacts actually reached (“cost per visit”). Our offer includes effective cinema commercials, DOOH, creative promotion campaigns and special forms of advertising that are placed by Weischer.Cinema where they have a very special effect. And best of all:

Cinema has a threefold effect

Cinema has a sustainable effect – helping you to make an unforgettable appearance on the big screen with your advertising message, and you benefit from unique quality of contact:

Cinema has a positive effect – place your advertising message at the highly communicative touchpoint cinema, and it meets an optimistic target group with open eyes, ears and hearts:

Cinema has a thrilling effect – reach affluent trendsetters, especially in young target groups, with your advertising message and attract the attention of brand ambassadors and multipliers in a fun way.

Weischer.Cinema Switzerland GmbH (Zurich)

Raemistrasse 6

8001 Zurich

T: +41 44 577 30 00


Weischer.Cinema Switzerland GmbH (Lausanne)

Rue du Grand-Pont 18

1003 Lausanne

T: +41 21 311 42 62

From the first question to the final feedback – we’re there for you in every way. Over the phone, electronically – and even in person during a visit on site.

Are you already a guest on the big screen throughout Switzerland, and do you have more questions and ideas relating to national cinema advertising spots? Would you like to enrich your campaign with a new national cinema flight and get to know all the options first-hand? Then you’re in the perfect place. Weischer.Cinema will see you right.

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Weischer.Cinema Schweiz National Sales
Juliane Merz (Director of Sales)

T: +41 44 577 30 33

juliane.merz [at]

Would you like to implement a cinema campaign in your region and receive advice just as professionally as your large competitors? Are you are already a customer, and do you have questions about your advertising spots and other ideas? Then our local sales specialists look forward to hearing from you.

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Weischer.Cinema Schweiz Local Sales

It’s a match: you – a respected cinema operator – and we – a highly experienced cinema marketing company – are a perfect fit.

We value the cinema landscape in all its diversity – and ensure that every type of cinema stays alive through the efficient generation of advertising revenue. Do you own one or more cinemas and would you like to find out more about our marketing commitment? See for yourself why we’re such a good fit – we look forward to hearing from you!

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Weischer.Cinema Schweiz cinema operators

Natalie Pouralikhan (Unit Director Contract Department)

T: +41 44 577 30 70

natalie.pouralikhan [at]