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Since the pictures have learned to walk, people are running into the cinema. Cinema films offer everything that touches the heart. From fast-paced action to fantasy and science fiction to historical epics, romantic comedies and monumental dramas: Cinema is pure emotion, an island in everyday life, an incomparably intense, audiovisual experience. And cinema is still a popular entertainment medium for target groups of all ages. Cinema advertising enjoys the full, tense attention of the audience. Advertising messages are perceived more intensively, since no disruptive factors distract from the happenings on the screen.

WerbeWeischer is the market-leading advertising marketer for campaigns at the Touchpoint Cinema: in the hall and on digital screens in the cinema foyer. Advertisers can target their cinema target audience geographically or film-specifically. The billing system from WerbeWeischer is the most efficient and transparent on the market (cost-per-visit).

WerbeWeischer markets 249 cinemas, 497 screens (351 D-CH / 124 F-CH / 22 I-CH), 1 megaplex, 16 multiplexes, 41 arthouse, 58 city plexes, 605 DOoH screens in 73 cinema centers (as of: WerbeWeischer February 2019).

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