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Advertising in the cinema environment


From the traditional popcorn bag right through to the red carpet in the foyer – the screen isn’t the only place at the cinema that is well-suited to attention-grabbing advertising.

Cine Bag:

A creative, attention­grabbing promotion is at hand – with your print motif on popcorn bags.

Cine Carpet:

Your advertising message on a red carpet – printed with a 4-­colour motif of your choice.

Cine Headrest Covers:

Your advertising directly on the cinema seat – so every second seat belongs to you.

DOoH Cinema:

Your advertising on the small screen – on monitors in the foyer.

Cine Promo Team:

Up close and personal – your promotion team is right there in the foyer with the cineasts.

Cine Promo Live:

Well placed – your promotion team with its own campaign stands.

Cine Promo Car:

Exhibit your vehicle in the cinema entrance – and the visitors will be in for a surprise.

Cine Printer:

Impressive – your advertising on cinema tickets that are ordered online and printed out at home.

Cine Washroom Mirror:

Mirror, mirror on the wall – you can have the most creative adverts of them all – by displaying stickers in the washroom. As mirror stickers in the washroom.

Cine Washroom Poster:

Your posters in the sanitary area – focused advertising without distraction.

Cine Graphics Windows:

Not to be overlooked – your advertising on adhesive sticker on window facades.

Cine Graphics Door:

It’s all about the first impression – your advertising message on adhesive sticker on the entrance doors.

Cine Graphics Floor:

The best position – your advertising on the floor in the foyer.

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