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Production guidelines - DOoH Cinema


Delivery of data for DOoH Cinema

Delivery of DOoH Cinema Landscape

The DOOH Cinema Screens of a cinema centre are to be viewed as a closed system. The spots/still images on both image formats are broadcast as landscape and portrait depending on the cinema centre.

It is important to note that both formats must be delivered in accordance with the technical specifications.

DOOH Produktionsanleitung.JPG

Technical specifications for data delivery

DOOH Techdata EN.JPG

Delivery of
DOoH-Cinema Landscape

  • Resolution: 1920 ×1080
  • Point density: 72 dpi
  • Frames per second: 25 fps
  • Without sound

Delivery of DOoH Cinema Portrait

  • Resolution: 1080×1920
  • Point density: 72 dpi
  • Frames per second: 25 fps
  • Without sound

Image quality

Please select the maximum possible image quality when using a compressed file format.

File format*

If the data cannot be delivered in accordance with the abovementioned specifications, conversion costs of CHF 120.00 per spot will be incurred.

Existing cinema spot

If a cinema spot has already been created in the form of a DCP, this format can be used to produce the DOOH-Cinema version.

Format adjustment/costs

If possible, please deliver the production data in landscape and portrait format. Otherwise, the following format adjustment costs are incurred for the customer for the portrait format adjustment:

Creation of portrait and landscape format Blur: CHF 120.00 / Spot

Creation of portrait and landscape format Triple: CHF 120.00 / Spot

The listed prices are exclusive of value added tax.

DOOH Blur & triple.JPG

Delivery date

The delivery of the broadcastable data in accordance with technical specifications takes 6 working days from the start of the campaign until 12.00 p.m. latest. The upload must be completed before this point in time.

The delivery of more than two spots per language region results in a delivery deadline of 10 working days before campaign start. Please let us know the desired spot instructions in case of several spots.

If the data is not broadcastable, the broadcasting can be delayed accordingly.

Delivery of the data

Preparation of the data via the contact form available in our upload portal. Internet Explorer is not available for the use of the upload portal.

Contact address: Content Management Team

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