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Delivery for moving picture / still adverts for cinema format (DCP encoding)

Content mastering 2019

Supplying data via Weischer.Upload

In order to be able to supply data, you need an approval identification. On a local level, this is the email address of your responsible Local Sales Manager at Weischer.Cinema Schweiz; on a national level, the approval identification will be sent with the order confirmation.

  1. Go to website
  2. Enter the contact information and approval identification
  3. Provide the details of your promotional film
  4. Select the file type for preparation
  5. Upload

Delivery: At the latest by 23:59 on Sunday evening before the campaign launch.

Automatic check report

Once it is uploaded successfully, the data is automatically checked and the detailed results of the check are sent to you by e-mail.

There are three main results from the check:

  • Everything is okay, and the data meets our requirements (green status)
  • The data does not exactly meet our requirements; however, we can still use it (orange status)
  • The data does not meet our requirements and we cannot use it (red status)

Technical specifications for the permitted delivery formats:

Free-of-charge modifications

Data that does not fully meet our requirements but is usable will be modified by us free of charge. These modifications include:

  • Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound blow-up
  • Adjustment of the volume when it exceeds 82 dB LEQ
  • Conversion of the frame rate from 25 to 24 fps

Important: when converting 25fps content, the advertising time changes, the media price increases. Calculation of the new second length: Length in sec * 25 / 24 = new length in sec (Ex.: 30 * 25 / 24 = 31.25). Half seconds are rounded up.


After uploading the file, an e-mail is sent internally to approve the content, for which the described approval identification is required. Once the approval has been given, content mastering is carried out.


If you have any questions about the Weischer.Upload, the technical requirements or content mastering, please contact our Content Management Team

Delivery picture

  • Please note that all necessary elements must be visible within the ActionSafe area. Projection may cause elements between the image border and ActionSafety to be cut off.
  • Please note a safety margin (ActionSafe) to the image edge of 100 pixels from left and right and 54 pixels from top and bottom. Otherwise, we can not guarantee that the content will be fully displayed.


Green frame = Action Safe

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