Your frequently asked questions about cinema advertising

How are target groups controlled?

The audience you reach will depend on the genre and the actors. WerbeWeischer knows exactly what kind of audience can be reached with each kind of film. Customised film targeting allows you to address your national target group with precision. The same applies for target groups that are young, educated and that have a lot of purchasing power.

Is it possible to achieve national coverage?

Yes, we can provide our clients with targeted advertising – in every language region.

How are target groups determined?

We use a web-based panel to regularly survey film viewing habits across Switzerland – this allows us to generate ongoing data about film viewing. In addition to this, we also receive exclusive, local support from our cooperation partner Paterson Entertainment. This provides us with additional audience forecasts from a network of experts. We also derive valid data from the MACH Cinema industry survey.

Is it possible to put together a custom film package?

Yes, with the CineFilm option, you can choose your own selection from the entire range of films being shown. The contacts are then accumulated and the cost is based on the total amount.

Are there also any predefined target group packages?

Yes. Each cinema week, you can choose from the following Clusters and book them on a national basis: films with a high proportion of young male viewers (MaleCluster), films with a high proportion of young female viewers (FemaleCluster), films aimed at families (FamilyCluster), films with a high proportion of teenage viewers aged ten to 15 (TeenagerCluster) or films with a high proportion of the core target group – a young, dynamic audience aged 16 to 29 (YoungCluster). With the PremiumCluster package, you can reach the audience aged over 30, who are well educated and have high levels of purchasing power. It is also possible to book a target group that prefers to watch films at arthouse cinemas with the ArthouseCluster package.

Is it also possible to book a single film?

Yes, any individual film can be booked. Selective film bookings are particularly suitable for addressing specific target groups or for being associated with a specific topic.

Is it possible to book cinema adverts on a regional basis?

Yes. The GeoFocus product allows you to book any individual cinema. Advertising clients who have precisely defined catchment areas can use this module for an accurately planned advertising campaign without waste coverage.

3D for advertising clients – how does it work?

You can use an existing 2D advert to advertise in the context of a 3D film screening. It is also possible to insert 3D adverts in the 3D pre-showing sections, which are especially announced. To do this, one option is to inexpensively convert a 2D advert into a 3D one. Alternatively, you can commission a stereoscopic 3D advert, which will of course be more spectacular.

Which placement options and special advertising methods are available?

On the silver screen, you can book the CinePresenter Film 2D/3D product, which is just before the feature film. You can also book the last one of course. An additional bookable placement is the 3D Opener, the first advert in the block of 3D commercials. Additionally, there are numerous high-profile special advertising formats that you can use to supplement your campaign, in combination with the wide range of advertising options in cinema foyers.

Is it possible to advertise during the interval of the feature film?

Yes and this CineBreak option truly is a fantastic advertising opportunity! You can showcase yourself in unique and innovative ways during the interval at any showing at any selected cinemas. It is even possible to have an on-screen presence just after the first section of the feature film and just before the movie recommences.

What scale of services do advertising clients book?

As an advertising client, you order a specific number of contacts as part of a plan that is defined by target group or geographical criteria. The duration of the campaign only serves as a guideline. A 100-percent contact guarantee applies.

The service that is provided relates to contacts. How is it billed?

We have revolutionised the billing for our cinema contact service. Cinema advertising is now billed on the basis of the actual number of cinema tickets sold (cost per visit). The visitor data comes from the cash register system at each cinema. It is sent to werbe+verlags ag, where it is processed through an electronic interface and then sent to us on a daily basis. We then compare the data to our clients’ advertising orders and the contact goals of each order. We offer a hundred-percent contact guarantee, which is the hardest currency in the media industry!

What about the additional production expenses?

The only additional expense is the low-level cost associated with the production of a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for each commercial. This format ensures that your advert will have the same high level of image quality as the feature film. This is the global standard for cinemas and it fulfils the strict DCI norms (Digital Cinema Initiatives, an organisation made up of American motion picture studios).

How much notice is required for the implementation of a campaign?

The deployable source material, which must comply with the guidelines, must be with us until Sunday before the start of the campaign. If we already have an existing DCP encoding of your advert, we can execute a campaign or an additional booking within just one week.

Is it possible for an advert to only be shown after 8 pm?

Yes, this is generally possible although the legal restrictions of each of Switzerland’s cantons must be observed as a matter of course.

What happens during the campaign?

We monitor the audience figures on a daily basis and compare them to the campaign goals. We liaise closely with our clients to control any fluctuations in performance, where relevant. You will receive detailed reporting before, during and after the campaign.

Why is it necessary to provide source footage with 24 frames per second?

We want the quality of the pre-showing material to be in line with the strict high standards in place for feature films at cinemas. The global cinema format is 24 frames per second – and our adverts are only projected using high-quality, high-performance digital cinema projectors.

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