DOOH Cinema (Digital-Out-of-Home)


DOOH-Cinema: your advertising message on the screens in the cinema foyer

Accompany the mobile and consumer-friendly target group with your moving picture message. Reach them in their respective area.

  • During leisure time activities at Premium Touchpoint Cinema. The communication room Cinema connects 14 million people per year!
  • Highest image quality on HD screens in the foyer area of the cinema center (portrait and landscape)
  • With digital flexibility, timeliness and short lead times
  • Attractive content environment (movie trailer)

Facts & Figures

  • The cinemas are regionally controllable
  • Digital flexibility
  • Moving image from 7 seconds spot length
  • Broadcasting all day
  • Automatic conversion of a subject in landscape orientation to a portrait format

DOOH-Cinema Standorte_EN.PNG
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