Open Air

Open Air


Open-air movie theaters: summer highlight of your brand presence

In Switzerland, open­air cinema events are some of the most popular leisure activities. For adver­tising clients, brand presence at open­air cinema events is particularly attractive.

The advertising message benefits twofold: firstly, from the upmarket film environment due to the star­studded audience pullers that are shown and secondly from the positive atmosphere that prevails among the audience at open­air cinemas.

Weischer.Cinema will be happy to advise you about your summer open air campaign. The special atmosphere at open­air cinemas offers you effective advertising options, whether on the cinema screen or as part of the accompanying promotion campaigns.

Attractive target group

  • Mostly between 25-49 years
  • Open-minded and open to brand appearances
  • Higher School education
  • High income
  • Enjoyable and trendy

We would be pleased to draw up an offer tailored to your needs - feel free to contact us by email or or call us at + 41 44 577 30 00

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