Market Overview

Film Market

The cinema market

WerbeWeischer markets 280 cinemas, 610 screens and 610 DOoH screens in 72 cinema centers (version as of: WerbeWeischer February 2019).

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Types of cinemas

Multiplex cinema

Modern, spacious, comfortable and equipped with the best picture and sound technology. It is a cinema center with at least eight cinema auditoriums. In addition to the cinema visit also gastronomic and / or other leisure activity opportunities are offered.

Cityplex cinema

Smaller, more modern cinema centers with two to seven auditoriums. The auditoriums are identical in terms of technology and comfort with the multiplex criteria.

Arthouse cinema

Sophisticated feature films are shown in these cinemas.

Other types of cinema

Car cinemas, holiday and summer cinemas, IMAX cinemas, multi-purpose cinemas, open-air cinemas, etc.

Category Identifications

Category-Identifications (ART 1).PNG

Cinema Catalogue - Switzerland

Here you can find the current list of all cinemas of Switzerland

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